Maximizing Lead Generation For Your Business

Lead generation is a necessity when running your own business. It’s the first step in the process to creating a new customer and thus, growing revenue (and profit!). Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as adding a “Click Here” button on a page, sitting back with a glass of whiskey (or your choice of beverage) and watching those leads come rolling in. There are probably hundreds of different strategies and techniques scattered throughout the internet all given by different experts. That much information can be overwhelming. So here I break it down into four categories to narrow your focus and efforts in order to bring in more of those leads.

Know Your Target Audience

This is probably one “strategy” you’re not going to find on those other lists for generating leads, but this is the foundation for all marketing. When I say, “Know your audience,” I mean really know. Not just the typical, 25 – 35 year-old business professional with an income of greater than $60K a year living within 25 miles of X city. In order to really reach your target audience, you need to be in their mind. Know their wants and needs, their pain points, their goals and desires. Leverage your own social network, as well as your friends and family’s, in order to gain even a little bit of insight into the minds of your target audience. This will enable you to tailor every bit of content on your website and social networks to reach them on a personal level resulting in more leads, and more revenue.

Review Your Website

In many cases your website is the first major interaction you have with a potential lead. Ensure that it is optimized with both design and content, in a way that speaks to those potential customers on that personal level I mentioned before. Every page should create value for them.

Determine where the majority of your traffic is coming from. Is it coming from social media, blog posts, or email? Once you identify the source, you’ll want to make sure those landing pages are doing everything they can to generate that lead. Offer the customer value (based on their wants and needs), before soliciting for information.

Optimize Your CTA

Calls to action are not as straight forward as you may think. There is a lot of research that dives into the placement, color, phrasing and size of every CTA and its effectiveness. Here are a few tips to ensure yours are operating with maximum efficiency.

  • Place the CTA where your potential customers are interacting. Add a link through the flow of a blog that leads to a request for more information, or on the center of the page, above the fold on the homepage. The CTA should stand out and be easy to see.
  • In an effort to increase the visibility of the call to action, make sure the color contrasts and compliments the rest of the website.
  • Use strong words and verbs to draw attention to the CTA. A couple of examples could be, “Boost your revenue” or “Increase your sales.” The phrases should provide value to the consumer by informing them what you are going to do for them if they sign up.

As always, make sure CTA resonates with your target audience and provides an answer to their wants and needs.

Test, Test, Test!

Never stop testing. This is the foundation to all the new marketing trends from agile marketing to growth hacking. Always be looking for that little change that increases your lead generation and conversions and over time you’ll see it build up. If a landing page isn’t bringing in new leads, change something. The phrasing of the CTA, the location, even the color can make a difference. A one percent increase in leads on one page can grow to a fifteen percent increase if you make that same change on your other pages.


These aren’t the only strategies to be had when it comes to maximizing your own lead generation, but these are a good first few steps. The downside of these is that it can be extremely time-consuming. Maximizing lead generation requires almost constant observation, testing and trending to find what really works best for your target audience. Here at Decibel Blue we’re here to work for you. We have the tools, experience and knowhow to bring out the best of your digital marketing practices. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Carson Renstrom

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