How Gen Z is Transforming the PR/Ad Industry

Buckle up, boomers: the iPad kids are graduating college and entering the workforce. Generation Z is an incredibly unique generation. Born between 1997 and 2012, they have grown step in step with technology, learning the expanding sophistication of social media like a language. They are comfortable and familiar with the digital age, and Gen Z knows how to use it. As professionals, they’re ready to capitalize on their experience to shape the modern PR and advertising landscape. 

Gen Z wants employers to provide flexibility and access to cutting-edge technology along with diversity. The term “Zoomer” has taken new meaning post-pandemic: Gen Z wants hybrid and work-from-home options, though many have never been in an office. Some in the generation feel that they are missing out on a critical adult stepping stone like working in an office, but if remote work is unavailable, they may move past the job listing. Gen Z also wants to feel that they are on the cutting edge of the business. So if a company uses outdated software or professional practices (like focusing on print news rather than social media), a Gen Z candidate may feel their skills and experience do not align with the employer. 

Influencer marketing is a known key in the PR/Ad industry. With 30% aged 18-24 considering themselves “content creators.” Their experience in the digital space will help employers better represent their brands through an ideal influencer. Content creators can find other content creators and use their budding professional expertise to make a brand’s sales increase. 

Each new generation brings their unique experiences to an already established world. They will mold the industry to their vision and pass it on to the next generation. Generation Z is talented, diverse and has lived through the 2008 recession and the pandemic. Gen Z is poised to use the new era of hyper-mass communication to help brands succeed and push PR employers to higher standards.    


Ryan Preston

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