5 Ways Decibel Blue Creates Unique Ad Campaigns

Many companies understand what it takes to create an effective ad campaign, however, few stray away from simply replicating campaigns made by other companies within the same industry. Here are five tips you will learn from industry professionals at Decibel Blue. 


Create A Memorable Message 


The message that you choose to send to your audience is pertinent to the success of your campaign. Think out of the box and think unconventional. No one remembers a boring message. Think about what you want to say and then get creative. A great technique is to start “whiteboarding” ideas with your team, even if they seem mindless these ideas sometimes become the greatest ad campaigns. 


Don’t Make Your Campaign Look Like A Campaign


Create something that’s out of the box. Sometimes it’s helpful to get an idea from a company in another industry that doesn’t quite align with your messaging or values. This can help you to think of how it could work for your brand or just brainstorm concepts. You can have the “ah hah” moment that is conceptually unique yet uses your brand’s core message and target audience. 


Create An Impression That Brings Your Audience Together 


Think of the “Share a Coke” campaign that Coca-Cola started in 2011. This campaign completely revolutionized the brand and even the industry. With social media emerging, Coca-Cola stood out from its competitors by running a campaign with a focus specifically on the consumers. The campaign was about Coca-Cola customers, not the brand itself. Creating a lasting impression of togetherness with the world is always a good idea. 


Pick One Emotion to Evoke and Run With It


Picking one emotion to have your audience feel may seem daunting, but it’s quite simple. Once you come up with the concept for the campaign you want to think about what is important here. That is how you will choose one emotion and run with it. What makes a campaign lackluster is when the audience’s emotions go up and down, left and right throughout a campaign. This doesn’t resonate well with an audience and quite frankly isn’t very memorable. 


Remember Your Brand’s Core Beliefs 


For your audience to believe in what you’re selling or advertising you must think back to your company’s “why.” For your audience to trust the company you must incorporate this into your campaign. Keeping all of your campaigns cohesive in some way is important to the public understanding of why you do what you do and hence an emotion coming from it. 


Although we know that a good ad campaign involves knowing your target audience, conducting research, and including a call to action, this is a list of great ways to elevate your campaign. You will stand out from your competitors in a profound way.


Ryan Preston

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