Real Art Drives Social Media Engagement, Not Stock Imagery

Why Denver’s top content marketing agency emphasizes using art instead of stock imagery for client social media channels

We all know a picture is worth 1,000 words, so why then, when we are presenting our social media work, do we treat pictures or “art” like the red-headed stepchild? We eagerly share our work with a client. “Here’s the content calendar we did for you. I got it to you weeks early! Every word has been meticulously and painstakingly crafted. Look at all these clever messages. The pictures? Oh no those aren’t final. Those are just placeholders. Just approve the copy.” 

Here’s a novel idea. Social media is a visual medium. How about thinking of art and then writing the words? How about visualizing your client’s feed and defining what it looks like? We all scroll on our phones without reading the words a lot of the time so why don’t we prepare a client feed that’s up to the visual challenge first? 

As one of the nation’s top content marketing agencies, Decibel Blue handles all kinds of social media for all kinds of clients. One day it’s a Denver real estate brokerage, then it’s a national donut chain, and next, a Phoenix retailer. Very often the majority of our time is spent curating, sizing or creating visuals, but it’s important not to get caught in the trap of treating imagery as an afterthought. Here’s the point. If you don’t place appropriate value on the importance of those visuals, and demonstrate how much talent and experience went into preparing them, how can you justify your price for doing “only” the written work? 


David Eichler

David offers vast perspective, insight and expertise into all things marketing and public relations, having worked in technology and entertainment before founding Decibel Blue in 2005. As the agency’s Creative Director, he has since supported clients in everything from health and wellness to food, real estate and lifestyle sectors. When he is not leading his team in Denver, Scottsdale and San Diego, he is running his photography business,

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