As Online Demand Increases, is Your Digital Presence Equipped for a New Surge in Customers?

Decibel Blue’s creative public relations and marketing team can devise a strategy to help marketers achieve tangible results

While digital consumption and e-commerce have been part of our daily lives for a while, consumers have abruptly shifted almost all of their habits online as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing orders have moved much of our economy to the web, as individuals have been forced to stay home and order goods and services in a way that is safe and secure, not to mention more convenient. Companies who previously invested heavily in digital marketing have reaped the rewards since they were prepared for this influx, despite the unforeseen circumstances that caused this seismic change.

MIT Technology Review recently reported that internet traffic increased by upwards of 25% in major U.S. metropolitan areas between the months of January and March. Virtual conferences are replacing face-to-face meetings, stay-at-home entertainment is booming, e-commerce companies are seeing spikes in stock prices, and online grocery delivery services are unable to handle the unprecedented amount of orders. Reluctant consumers of online shopping and delivery services were forced into the world of e-commerce transactions, increasing the odds of regular use in the future. Now your parents and grandparents are using platforms like Zoom, Grubhub and Instacart. This is something that would have been unthinkable previously. 

Companies no longer have any excuses to evolve and adapt. Marketing departments need to be ready to ramp up their online presence – and it’s a big internet out there. And this goes for both consumer and business-to-business brands. 

It’s up to marketing directors to lead the way internally by developing comprehensive digital marketing strategies, each unique to the social media channel or platform you’re targeting. 

It’s ok to be overwhelmed and unsure where to go when everything is transforming so quickly. That’s why public relations and marketing firms, like Decibel Blue, are here to provide guidance. We do this work for a variety of clients every day. We are the experts in digital marketing and advertising, social media, media relations, web development, and so much more because we’ve been successfully operating in the online space on behalf of clients for over 15 years. Reach out and ask one of our experts how you can achieve your boss’ ambitious, new marketing goals. 

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Tyler Rathjen

Tyler Rathjen is a partner in Decibel Blue, where he leads some of its highest-profile lifestyle clients. Whether developing strategic marketing plans, establishing creative programs, or managing digital, advertising, social media, influencer and branding projects, Tyler has a wealth of communications expertise. Tyler began his career with Decibel Blue in 2006 and has since overseen the launch of more than 120 franchises across the nation, including 80 Dunkin’ Donuts stores.

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