AI’s Plan to Take Over the World

AI’s Plan to Take Over the World

As robots have started to take over flipping burgers and kiosks have started taking my order, I began to wonder when some sort of artificial intelligence will be after my job. As it turns out, content and digital marketers are already in AI’s crosshairs. Think about it, Facebook and Google now have AI systems in place to allow anyone to set up ad campaigns that will update and optimize itself over time. There are countless tools online that generate clickbait titles and write blogs and on top of that, there have been huge advancements in AI technology creating images using keywords. Unfortunately for the robot workforce, they will never be able to fully take marketer’s jobs. Here’s why.

Your Business is Unique

Unless you have an artificial intelligence programmed specifically for your business, it will never truly understand what makes your company unique. In essence, that is what marketers do. We take that uniqueness or competitive advantage, and we shout it from the rooftops. Robots don’t have free thought. No matter how much programming goes into it they will never be able to produce content that is thoughtful, and therefore, will never produce content that is unique.

If You Poke a Robot, it Won’t Say Ow

Remember Sales 101? Emotion sells. The majority of consumers will typically buy something not based on logic, but because it “feels right.” The logic comes after to justify the decision to themselves. The stronger the emotional connection between your business and the consumer, the more likely you will be to complete the sale. Artificial Intelligence cannot write or produce images with that sort of emotion.

Storytelling and Tone of Voice

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who reads textbooks in their spare time. That’s because there is no storytelling in them. They put down the facts of things you should know with very little, if any, story or tone of voice. This works fine for textbooks, but for the creative content that needs to create value for your consumer, it doesn’t. Artificial intelligence doesn’t have a personality or the capability to think creatively.

I’m not saying there is no place for AI content creation in marketing. I believe topic generation is a perfect avenue for its capabilities and would be a huge help to writers, but for the touchpoints where you’re trying to convince the consumer to take an action, you need a human touch. For example, the team of experts here at Decibel Blue. We are filled with a creative group of professionals that will work tirelessly to ensure that your content develops connections that provide value to your customers.

Carson Renstrom

Carson Renstrom brings a lifetime of experience in online and traditional marketing for his family’s catering business. After taking a break to serve in intelligence in the Naval Reserve and work in a nuclear submarine, he has recently returned to his marketing roots.

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