All Things Instagram

All Things Instagram

Instagram. What started as a simple photo editing app has now transformed into one of the most popular social media platforms today. Before social media took the world by storm, Instagram was a place where people would share one photo with a brief caption to get a few likes. Now, Instagram is a place where careers can start and people can make a name for themselves. What caused the change, you ask? Well, Instagram has kept up with the times and made changes to its platform that has made it what it is today. Now with stories, highlights, and IGTV, it has become a one-stop-shop for business, influencers, and everyday users. 

Instagram stories were released in 2016 and were a controversy for many in the beginning. With the idea being very similar to Snapchat stories, many felt like they copied the entire concept of Snapchat. However, with time, Instagram stories have become more popular and have taken on an entirely different role. How? Well, Instagram has put a whole new twist on marketing one’s self and one’s business. With that being said, everyone wants their “grid” and feed to look as aesthetically pleasing and on-brand as possible, so they will only post things that coincide with their “look.” Also, for many, Instagram stories are an opportunity to showcase new products, show how something works, or for influencers to sponsor a company or product. 

Instagram stories became so popular that the 24-hour time limit has been partially removed. Users now have the option to create highlights on their profile and organize their past stories into multiple categories for followers old and new to view at any time. Users can categorize their stories by grouping them into different categories, making it easy for their followers to access what they want to see. From travel to food, the highlight opportunities are endless and provide another way to market one’s brand without having to follow everyone’s feeds. 

Lastly, the most recent addition Instagram has added is IGTV. IGTV allows users to post videos that are longer than one minute to their profile and create a channel for their followers to access. Think YouTube, but with an Instagram spin on it! This tool is especially useful for bloggers or influencers who post videos often. Now, instead of having to use two platforms and put the link in their bio to direct followers to their video, they can upload it using IGTV. This makes it easier and skips an entire step in the process. 

What started as a simple idea has transformed how businesses and people market themselves entirely. From finding new products to use to marketing your own, the possibilities are endless and can indeed change your outlook on the use of social media. Take advantage of all that Instagram has to offer and discover what opportunities are out there. Or, if you are looking for professional help with your social media strategy, contact Decibel Blue.

Nash Levitt

Nash Levitt brings a keen wit and sharp eye to the social media accounts of Decibel Blue clients including Tide Cleaners and Kentwood Real Estate. Having rapidly developed proficiency in online communications and content management, Nash manages social media content or provides coaching to our real estate clients’ in house teams.

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