A Note to All Millennials

Quick, what is this image? For the purpose of the next 321 words, let’s just call it a metaphor. You may have read (on your watch?) that millennials have officially become the majority of the workforce. Now it’s us geezers (35+) whose music, appearance and work style will get scrutinized.

We’ve had almost 200 millennials come through Decibel Blue’s doors in close to 12 years, most still in school. They all (ok, a few notorious ones didn’t) shared the same passion, ambition and motivation to succeed — to graduate and have a high paying, glamorous, fulfilling job waiting for them. One that affords “balance.” When they were growing up, everyone led them to believe their career would launch just minutes after they tossed their caps high into the sky. But then, even in the best of economic times, they discover something. The world really wasn’t waiting for them to join the party and there’s the revelation that, oh yeah, a class of kids graduated last year and thirty more before that.

What I try to help them understand is that Grandma’s Hallmark card aside, they haven’t crossed a finish line at all. There is no pot of gold waiting in a corner office. They have simply reached a new starting point. A turbulent sea filled with sharks, rip tides and illegal fishing nets. They dive in and after a few gulps of salt water, that infamous sense of entitlement gets washed out of their mouths. And they then start to paddle, hard as they can, unsure of their direction. Which is ok. That’s what we all did.

Oh, the picture? It’s the east end of the Great Wall of China. Don’t know about you, but I never visualized or even considered what that would look like. But then if you had told me 25 years ago I would have a Public Engagement advertising agency in Denver and Phoenix I would have said you’re crazy.

Hey, class of 2018. Enjoy the ride. Uh…swim.

David Eichler

David offers vast perspective, insight and expertise into all things marketing and public relations, having worked in technology and entertainment before founding Decibel Blue in 2005. As the agency’s Creative Director, he has since supported clients in everything from health and wellness to food, real estate and lifestyle sectors. When he is not leading his team in Denver, Scottsdale and San Diego, he is running his photography business, Eichlerphotos.com.

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