NYPD Pizza Mascot
NYPD Pizza Uptown Amber Ale Tap

NYPD Pizza

Services: Digital Marketing, Website Development, Social Media, Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing, Branding

The Client

NYPD Pizza is a beloved, full service Italian restaurant that serves up the best New York style ‘pie’ this side of the Mississippi. Nevertheless, after (then) 11 years in business and nine Phoenix stores, there was room to grow.

The Opportunity

Our research showed that many consumers believed NYPD was a national chain. Everything about the brand was polished, which for some, equated to mediocre quality. Our mission was to change market perception and drive traffic to new and existing locations.

The Strategy

We refined all messaging, first crafting the headline, “Only New York Water Makes New York Pizza.” NYPD had always filtered their water to mimic New York’s and people needed to know that. Both “Locally Owned & Operated” and “Family Kitchen” addressed the corporate chain misconception. From the phone scripts and boxes, to menus, signage and media messaging, you couldn’t get away from “fresh ingredients and family recipes.”
We cancelled weekly ValPak coupon mailers, which devalue consumer perception, feel corporate and don’t foster true brand loyalty. Instead, social media would be used more strategically, delivering discounts to loyal guests. This shift alone had a significant impact on the bottom line.
From naming the dishes to planning the promotions, LTO’s became a key tactic. Next, we forged a broader community relations strategy, partnering with the Arizona Humane Society and Banner Health Foundation. We designed and named a giant mascot, Tommy the Tomato, to access countless grassroots and family opportunities. Last but not least, we supported the product development of NYPD’s Uptown Amber Ale.

The Results

  • Three consecutive years of +5% comp sales.
  • Garnered 5,558,794 total media impressions over the course of three grand openings.
  • Uptown Amber Ale became the system’s highest selling craft beer.

“Decibel Blue is brilliant. They have a great team and truly PARTNER with their clients. They have an awareness of the P&L and the need to see returns. They have integrity — they do what they say when they say they’re going to do it. They can be trusted with a brand and care for it like it’s their own.”

– Nikki West, Chief Executive Officer, NYPD Pizza