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WellBiz Brands

Services: Public Relations, Media Relations, Community Relations, Influencer Relations, Crisis Communications

The Client

What has 600+ “arms,” some mighty strong hands and even prettier eyelashes? As you’re reading this, WellBiz Brands (WBB) has studios being franchised, constructed, opened and/or operated in more than two-thirds of the nation. With Elements Massage, Amazing Lash Studios and Fitness Together the jewels in its portfolio, WellBiz is one of America’s fastest-growing franchise development and management companies in the wellness category, with more than 350,000 members across the portfolio.

The Opportunity

Public relations is storytelling and when you’re representing WellBiz Brands, there’s always a story to be told. Amazing Lash Studio is a beauty pioneer, and as everyone knows, when you look good, you feel good. If that’s not “wellness” then we don’t know what is. Elements Massage has earned an impressive 79 percent Net Promoter Score, and was awarded #1 by Newsweek in its annual America’s Best Customer Service list in the ‘Spa, Wellness and Beauty’ category. And Fitness Together (FT) is literally one-of-a-kind, offering clients one-on-one sessions with trainers in dedicated, private studio spaces. The keyword there was private!

Decibel Blue’s charge was to generate the exposure that helps raise awareness of the WellBiz portfolio of brands, sell new franchises, and drive traffic to the studios. Our strategy and the stories we tell help to increase revenue for everyone involved in a franchise relationship.

The Strategy

If you’ve ever seen what an aircraft controller’s screen looks like the day before Thanksgiving, that’s kind of how it is to lead PR for WellBiz Brands. It may sound like chaos, and yes sometimes it feels that way, but it’s all coordinated down to the minute, the day and the dollar. Proof? At any given time, we are:

  • Pitching a new lash beauty service to PEOPLE Magazine.
  • Conducting a professional survey on the benefits of HITT training, to bolster a FT story.
  • Writing a bylined article on franchise marketing trends that runs in Forbes.
  • Working with the WBB “support center” to roll out a peppermint aromatherapy holiday LTO.
  • Winning a Franchise Times Deal Makers Award for Amazing Lash.
  • Introducing Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, the first of its kind to be offered by a national consumer massage brand.
  • Coordinating a ‘get out the vote’ campaign for FT in “Best of Boston.” Which we won.
  • Organizing a pop-up Elements Massage studio in Manhattan, attracting beauty media’s A-list.
  • Introducing CBD massage treatment, the first of its kind to be offered by a national consumer massage brand.
  • Arranging a pay-to-play morning segment on National Lash Day that literally made the phones ring.
  • Helping a retired marine open her first Elements Massage studio in suburban Phoenix.
  • Managing street ‘elf’ teams handing out massage gift cards during the holidays.
  • Collaborating with a lifestyle influencer who has hundreds of thousands of followers. How many people follow you on Instagram?

Think innovation is at the center of our WellBiz stories? You bet! And that was all just one month. (ok, maybe a bit longer)

The Results

We could tell you about impressions and calculated media value and all that stuff PR agencies brag about, but we remain focused on one thing only, business results. Claiming three spots on the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies, WellBiz Brands experienced 168% growth over the span of three years. Gross sales, franchises sold and studios opened all tracked ahead of goal and all three of the brands experienced positive total revenue growth. We’re proud to say we are helping make that happen.
Now it’s time to slip in a workout, get a massage and doll up with some new lashes. Go ahead, we’ll wait here.

“Decibel Blue anticipates our needs, is solution-focused and highly responsive – they understand our success leads to their success. They not only deliver results through the right combination of creativity, strategy and execution but are also a pleasure to work with. You’ll actually want to collaborate with Decibel Blue!”

– Trever Ackerman, Chief Marketing Officer, WellBiz Brands (Elements Massage, The Amazing Lash Studio, Fitness Together)