guerra billboard in Scottsdale

Guerra Plastic Surgery Center

Services: Branding, Advertising, Marketing, Digital Marketing

The Objective

Aldo Guerra, M.D. is one of the nation’s most respected and successful board-certified plastic surgeons. He retained Decibel Blue for a one-year marketing project to align his business plan with his personal and professional goals. After Decibel Blue conducted an exhaustive analysis of his brand and operations, we got to work.

The Strategy

We reset the definition of his “target” based on a quantitative and qualitative analysis. We revised his practice’s identity — name, logo, and colors. We developed a three-pronged strategy re-allocating his media dollars accordingly to reach each demographic of his patients effectively.

In order to better utilize the finite amount of time the doctor could be operating, we adjusted our messaging to focus primarily on breast augmentations.

The Results

In that year, he performed 118% more of these procedures, more than doubling his revenue. Website traffic also increased by almost 100%.