During a stressful time at work, has a colleague ever stopped everything and said, “Hey, hey, people, let’s all remember, we’re not exactly curing cancer here.” Well, in the case of some of our clients, that’s exactly what they’re doing. We’ve secured media coverage for a national cancer hospital as well as the Southwest’s largest radiology practice. We’ve designed print ads for a bariatric practice — posing the question of why folds of fat are cute on babies and bulldogs, but why not middle-aged guys? We’ve driven community and public relations for an urgent care brand across the country.

A few things unite this work. Balancing the needs of a physician’s precious time vs. participating in the marketing of their business. Balancing the importance of patient privacy while still finding engaging stories to tell. Balancing scientific research from the New England Journal of Medicine and making it easy to understand to the general public. Balancing the nuances between B-B and B-C marketing and working with clients so they understand in healthcare, virtually everything is really B-B-C. With all of this balance, we could have been ice skaters.


Client Testimonial

“NextCare Urgent Care began working with Decibel Blue and it was immediately apparent that they were fully committed to doing what it took to help drive our success. The whole crew at Decibel Blue felt like a true extension of our internal team, nationwide. They often brought innovative ideas to the table, true to our mission, vision and values. We highly recommend their services.”

Jennifer VanAntwerp

Director of Marketing & Communications, NextCare Urgent Care