What does your client do if he/she not only has competition to the left and right but also in front and back? Whether it’s clothing, furniture, workout equipment or technology, when you’re in retail, the need for an ongoing stream of new and repeat customers is insatiable. Our job is to raise awareness when you’re opening your doors and then drive traffic to keep you open. Local Store Marketing (LSM) is a cornerstone for us. That ranges from distributing door hangers and mailing coupons to putting those wacky inflatable guys out front on opening weekend. Attracting the media matters, whether they are from the NBC affiliate, the city’s biggest newspaper or the little print publication that’s tossed onto your driveway.

Bloggers and influencers can do just as much to ring your cash registers, if not more. Geo-targeted marketing can mean anything from selecting and designing big billboards to buying social media ads that reach one zip code. Getting the customer is mission critical, but what happens next is just as important. We will help you develop the brand experience. We’ve consulted on store layout, crafted sales messages and placed the signage that tells your story, named salads and secret shopped. Oh and we almost left out the first step. Giving birth to your brand’s identity with positioning and research, which leads to developing a name, tagline, look and feel. We like to eat and shop, although we don’t cook.


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Client Testimonial

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with the Decibel Blue team for a decade now. In that time, their team has functioned as my virtual marketing department, supporting everything from seasonal promotions and annual sales to market expansions, store openings and non-profit initiatives. They developed a beloved ad campaign that has become synonymous with our brand and are as strategic and organized as they are creative. Even after all these years, I know they really care about my business.”

Ann Siner

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, My Sister’s Closet