Decibel Blue is a Public Engagement agency. We leverage modern marketing tools and techniques to achieve your business goals.

The lines between digital, social media, public relations, marketing and advertising have blurred, effectively rendering those labels obsolete. Decibel Blue looks at everything through a new lens, providing insight into how to optimize your budget and engage with your customer, while exceeding your expectations. In the immortal words of Steve Jobs, we challenge you to “think different.”

Once upon a time, you could buy commercials on ABC, NBC or CBS and reach your customer. It was expensive, but eyeballs were guaranteed. Then hundreds of cable channels popped up. Then the VCR enabled you to skip past the commercials. Then the DVR made it easier to watch a show whenever you wanted. Then came Netflix, Amazon and Apple TV. Public Engagement answers the question, what even is “TV” now?

Drive-time radio ads used to be a great way to reach your customer on their way to work. Then iPods and Sirius’ satellites took flight. Then Pandora and Spotify personalized, commercial-free channels. Now, people commute listening to audio books and podcasts. Public Engagement answers the question, what even is “radio” now?

When the evening newspaper was tossed onto a driveway, you knew your ad would be seen by your customers. Now, 67% of Americans get their news on social media. Most of the remainder is aggregated through customized digital feeds often behind paywalls. Public engagement answers the question, what even is “news” now?

Public relations used to mean getting your picture in the paper or a remote truck broadcasting outside your shop. Five years ago, it was a let down if your story was “only” on a website or a daily email blast. Just as long ago, social media was only good for sharing cat videos and vacation pictures. Can you see the irony of where this is all headed? Now, bloggers and Instagrammers are considered “influencers,” and often are well compensated, because they can activate your customers more effectively than “public relations” ever could.

Think that website you invested in four years ago is driving business? Guess what? It’s not a refrigerator. It needs to constantly be updated, improved, found and shared. Do your customer service policies meet the “Nordstrom standard?” They better, because customers expect that now. Making a difference in your community is vital. You say you are already doing that effectively, but do your customers agree?

The point is, it really doesn’t matter what you currently think about the landscape of marketing and public relations. All that matters is how your customers demand to receive communication on behalf of your brand. Public Engagement is understanding how brand loyalty is earned and purchase decisions are made, especially by millennials and Gen Z. Today, we have to employ a more personalized, dynamic and interactive acquisition and retention strategy than just a few years ago. Sometimes an integrated, content marketing campaign will do the trick. Other times, it’s a series of static, right-hand-read billboards with art that appeals to your target. Or it’s both. Or maybe something else you’ve never heard of but let’s be honest, when’s the last time you picked up the Yellow Pages to call a business for directions?

If you are responsible for your company’s bottom line, you don’t have to embrace the changes technology has brought. Of course, you could also kick off your shoes at home tonight, and get up from the couch each time you want to change between the three channels you like to watch.

Decibel Blue provides the experience and the expertise to analyze your business and communicate its unique attributes and key messages through the funnels best matched to today’s customers. Your customers.

That is Public Engagement.