Real Estate

What does your client do if he/she not only has competitors to the left and right, but also in front and back? Whether it’s clothes, furniture, donuts or pizza, when you’re in retail, the need for an ongoing stream of new and repeat customers is insatiable. Decibel Blue’s job is to raise awareness when you’re opening your doors and thendrive traffic to keep you open.

Everyone knows real estate is all about location, location, location. But to a real estate developer, it’s called great dirt. Our real estate team has worked on everything from $50 million estates and 150 unit global franchise brokerage systems to a 500 acre development designed by Frank Lloyd Wright students. This means one day we’re wearing hard hats touring a reporter around a job site, and the next night we’re passing the punch and cookies at a contentious neighborhood entitlement hearing. You know those banners that cover the chain link fences around construction?

construction? That’s called hoarding. No, not like that creepy family on TLC. We design those. Need a 10 story banner for the side of your building? Been there. Help an agent stage a house as The New York Times photographer walks up the driveway? Sure thing. Get a 9,000 realtor strong association to work together and play on the national stage? You betcha’. We think great dirt deserves great media coverage, great logos and great ads. Because the only thing better to us than great dirt is “SOLD” dirt.

tables and chairs in a restaurant