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Tide Cleaners

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The Client

The name Procter & Gamble needs no introduction. Nor does their ubiquitous brand Tide. What is new, however, is when Tide extends their products and services into the dry cleaning space.

The Opportunity

Procter & Gamble has developed a new strategy for how different people use the Tide brand to clean clothes at different junctures in their lives. This includes rolling out a fleet of Tide Cleaners across the nation. Decibel Blue was retained to take a system of 21 dry cleaning stores across Phoenix and convert them over to the Tide brand over a four-month period. All of which led to a “capstone event” commemorating the final store’s launch.

It would be easy to assume that taking such a famous brand and deploying it into a retail setting was simple, but it was anything but. Every major city where Tide Cleaners has opened has presented its own unique challenges. Going from “local” mom and pop to national corporate branding has been known to produce backlash in a market. Further complicating this assignment, and for the cleaning industry at large, are the changing patterns and behaviors by millennials.

The Strategy

When you look up “integrated” in the marketing handbook, look no further than right here. From a branding and messaging standpoint, we worked closely with P&G’s team to ensure every step was perfect, from the emails, surveys and mailers that customers were receiving at home to the new retail/point-of-sale experience.

Paid and earned media complimented each other, including radio, digital, print, out of home, endorsement, remotes, and display ads. Social content, influencers and customer feedback monitoring were equally integral to the program’s success. We developed a partnership with a local non-profit, Dress For Success, which yielded over a $7,000 contribution and thousands of pieces of donated clothes. Last, but definitely not least, we took a funky looking golf cart, branded her “Penny the Pod” and wrapped her in bubbles and balloons.

The Results

A 24% increase in same day, system-wide comp sales. Using a capstone event as the major benchmark for an integrated campaign was a great way to test and refine our approach. Our client has retained us to continue driving brand awareness, retaining established customers and attracting new ones. Procter & Gamble was thrilled with the results produced in Phoenix and have since begun to adapt our strategy and tactics for the conversions in other Top 20 markets across the nation.

“I had the opportunity to work briefly with Decibel Blue many years ago. When I made the decision to join in Procter & Gamble’s Tide Cleaners roll out in Metro Phoenix, the first people I thought to call were David and his team. From conception of the rebrand to the 18th grand opening DB was with us all the way. I continue to be amazed by the dynamic team Dave has put in place, and their total dedication to our success, both strategically and their ability to roll up their sleeves and make it all happen. I consider DB to be a valuable “partner” and a key component in our future success.”

– Phil D’Elia, Franchise Owner, Tide Cleaners Arizona